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Motionloft provides national property owners, REITS, large brokerage firms, and major retailers with hyperlocal pedestrian and vehicle traffic of their properties. You see your data realtime, with fascinating insights provided on a simple dashboard.

If you can think of a place to count traffic, Motionloft technology can do it; both indoors and outside. We provide data for the interior of malls and commercial buildings; doorway counts, parking garages, and more.

You gain competitive advantage by knowing where they are, where they're going, and where they're coming from. Valuable data can be aggregated and calculated, including:

  • Studies to identify which entrance is the dominant entrance to a retail store, so that one entrance could be closed.
  • Capture rate studies in large pedestrian walkways, both inside and outside, that are typically difficult to quantify.
  • Internal usage studies on how pedestrian traffic flows within buildings.
  • Traffic data for purchasing decisions of investment buildings.

We work with brokers and property owners to help satisfy specific location data needs. We have helped retail clients in their site selection process by allowing them to compare pedestrian traffic data at two different locations. We have also helped clients lease their properties faster and at a better rate by proving the pedestrian traffic data from outside the property. On the tenant side, we have helped clients understand their pedestrian capture rate and make more informed operational decisions by looking at the larger data trends over time.

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Motionloft has specialized reports and tools for your individual properties to compare the most detailed metrics - real time.

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