Understand Your Pedestrian and Vehicle Movement in Real-Time


Industries we serve

We use our engineering expertise to provide a data solution that supports your long-term growth and sustainability.


Optimize your CRE portfolio and take the guesswork out of leasing decisions and site selections. Make confident decisions that drive growth.


Enhance and improve the fan experience with ease and expertise from powerful, data driven crowd analytics captured in and around your venue.


Maximize your store’s performance and evaluate the potential for additional sales, improve customer service and refine operations.

Smart Cities

Gain a deeper understanding of your city at the visitor and vehicle level for economic development, public safety, funding and more.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Advanced Technology

    As a leader in artificial intelligence and computer vision, Motionloft delivers accurate pedestrian and vehicle analytics that enables businesses and cities to be more successful.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Applications

    Attain accurate indoor and outdoor counts, behavior, demographics, movement and trends in real-time with our weatherized ViMo™ sensor, rain or shine.

  • Accuracy

    Motionloft guarantees data accuracy of at least 90%. We collect reliable and anonymized data that can be easily processed and analyzed, leading to insights that help you make better decisions.

  • Simple Installation

    Our sensor plugs into a standard outlet and transmits data on its own wireless network, so installation is fast and requires no additional IT infrastructure.

Seize the day with the benefits of big data.

Maximize the value of your data with features that help you quantify the physical world and achieve your objectives.

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