Motionloft was founded in 2010 with a simple idea: to understand the movement of people and vehicles at scale. Motionloft is based in San Francisco, California with an office location in Dallas, Texas and Tokyo, Japan.

Our Mission

At Motionloft, we foster a culture of innovation and co-creation rewarding teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. We take pride in helping forward-thinking cities and companies embrace technology and data for success.

At the end of the day, our goal is simple. We want to capture the way the world moves indoors and outdoors, in real-time and turn it into accurate and actionable data that our customers can use to be more productive and successful.

Our Focus

We converge service with technology to deliver a customer-centric and future-minded solution. We focus on helping our customers gain competitive advantage through insightful behavioral analytics.

As a leader in traffic data, we thrive on anticipating and delivering solutions that meet customer needs. We constantly innovate and refine our technology to stay ahead of the curve so that we can deliver the best in-class product.

Meet the team

Lia Burke Portrait

Lia Burke

Chief Number Cruncher

Robert Brownlee

Mild-mannered Software Guy

Alpha Cabangis

Wizard of Ops

Wilson Chan Portrait

Wilson Chan

Deputy Bean Counter

Collin Codega Portrait

Collin Codega

Account Magician

Chris Cooper

Sales Ambassador

Vincent Cung

Senior Penny Pincher

Winnie Cunningham

Head Legal Nerd

Jonathon Davis

Municipality Maestro

Cynthia Duley

Commander of Customer Success

Mike Garrett

Engineering Jack of all Trades

Alex Hill

Mistakes Engineer

Baraka Jones

Calibration Expert

Taichi Kanemoto

Account Whisperer

Ryan Kline

Checking Email Often

Sally Lee

Marketing Ninja

Alice Lulka

HR Guru

Paul McAlpine

Engineering Overlord

Brian Mount

Dimensionality Reducer

Brandon Nichols

Account Master

Zac O’Brien

Head Software Ninjaneer

Emma Rosenthal

Queen of Sales

Mark Rossiter

Licensed to Sell

David Rottach

Smooth Operator

Sergio Sarapinian

Account Jedi

Henry To

Breaker of IOT Chains

Adrian Ventura

Operations Jedi

David Wiley

Auto Dialer Vigilante