We create value for landlord and tenant reps, property owners, and developers through the power of our pedestrian and vehicle data solution.

Optimize Location Performance

Get market and location insights on demand to make confident decisions on site selection and location. Access accurate, real time market performance data and compare traffic across multiple locations to make informed decisions on location strategies that are actionable.

Analyze Markets by Location
Identify The Right Location
Make Confident Decisions

“Motionloft has really allowed us to take Kimco’s leasing strategy to the next level. Now the data tells the story that our retailers are so interested in knowing.”

Carmen Decker, Vice President – Kimco

Increase Property Value

Leverage intelligent data technology to measure the number and demographics of people and vehicles traversing an entrance, passageway or parking structure to prove the value of your property. With this data, you can attract popular brands, accelerate time to close on leasing or sale of your property, and create value for your brokers and tenants.

Boost your Property Value
Attract High Quality Tenants
Close Deals Faster

Maximize Your ROI

Optimize and scale your success with Motionloft’s advanced technology solution. Capture indoor and outdoor crowd analytics to understand peak times and shopping seasons, judge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and events, improve building design and layout, and assess the popularity of brands.

Collect Traffic Data
Understand Consumer Behavior
Make Data-Driven Decisions

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