We help entertainment and sporting venues leverage advanced crowd data indoors and outdoors to unlock the true potential of the fan experience.

Enhance Fan Experience

Analyze the behavior patterns of your fans from how they engage with activities outside of your venue to capturing their journey as they move within your venue. With this data, you can divert traffic in times of congestion, discover new ways to engage with your fans, drive sales and operations, understand the impact of sponsorships and advertisements, and more.

Improve Engagement
Refine Operations
Boost Sales

Thanks to Motionloft, we’ve created measurable, visible improvements in the fan experience by knowing exactly how much time people are spending at a concession or presentation. That allows us to leverage the data to minimize wait times and optimize traffic flows.

Mark Cuban, Owner – Dallas Mavericks

Decrease Wait Time

Let data open opportunities for concessionaires to maximize profits by optimizing line queue management to increase speed of service, optimize staffing, decrease congestion and wait times to ensure ultimate fan satisfaction.

Reduce Wait Time
Improve Speed of Service
Enhance Fan Experience

Parking Management

Accommodate the parking needs of the thousands of spectators arriving to your stadium. Integrate numerous parking facilities and lots to effectively and efficiently capture the movement of vehicles in and out of the parking areas. Administer a program that can enhance the arrival and departure experience.

Optimize Staffing
Adjust Parking Flows
Reduce Traffic Congestion

Solidify Advertising & Sponsorships

Attract and retain advertisers and sponsors by providing visitor traffic data to help brands understand traffic volume, impressions and engagement. Reveal where opportune sales are and how it changes as the venue is occupied over time.

Measure Foot Fall
Share Powerful Data
Attract & Retain Brands

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