How does it work?

Once you have identified the location and area of traffic you would like to capture, our trained technician will install a Motionloft sensor at your location. The installation point requires a clear line of sight to the area of interest and access to continuous power. We will connect the sensor wirelessly to our online dashboard so that it can begin capturing information on pedestrians and/or vehicles that pass by your location in real-time. Once we confirm that the data collection meets our accuracy standards, our customer success team will set up your online account and dashboard, then work with you and your colleagues/clients to gain 24/7 access to your pedestrian and vehicle data as it happens.

Can you capture pedestrians and vehicles outside as well as inside?

Yes, with our weatherized sensor, we can provide analytics both indoors and outdoors. We provide data where your customers are–the interior of malls and commercial buildings, sidewalks, doorway counts, parking garages, and more.

Who are the clients you are currently working with or have worked with in the past?

We work with national property owners, real estate investment trusts (REITs), large real estate brokerage firms, major retailers and municipal organizations. Our customers include the City of Las Vegas, Downtown Development District New Orleans, Downtown Sacramento, Ford City Mall, Kimco Realty, Kyoya Hotels & Resorts, Mid-America, Weingarten Realty, South Point Retail, Spinoso Real Estate Group, American Airlines Center/Dallas Mavericks, and more.

Do you provide your service in my city?

Motionloft services all of North America. We have a network of trained installers servicing metros throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Guam and Japan.

How does the sensor get power? Is it just a plug?

The Motionloft sensor uses a standard plug that goes into a regular outlet. During the installation, a standard electrical cord is run from the sensor to the nearest 110V outlet. Motionloft also offers hard-wiring options and battery backups (for outlets connected to timers).

How quickly can you have a sensor up and running?

As long as we have an installation location that gives us the necessary height, a clear line of sight, and access to 24/7 power, we stand behind a 30 day lead time from the date a contract is signed to completed installation, even for larger projects. Motionloft has dedicated Operations Specialists and Account Managers who will work with you to ensure your happiness with our service.

How accurate is your data?

We guarantee 90% accuracy for our pedestrian and vehicle counts, depending on the site location characteristics. Each sensor is calibrated individually based on its unique traffic factors to ensure high accuracy.

How do property owners and brokers use your data?

We work with brokers and property owners to help satisfy specific location data needs. We have helped retail clients in their site selection process by helping them compare the foot traffic at two different locations or more. We have also helped clients lease their properties faster or at a better rate by proving the foot traffic outside. On the tenant side, we have helped clients understand their pedestrian capture rate and make more informed operational decisions by looking at the larger data trends over time as well as helping to understand the impact of events and promotions that take place on a property and how they impact foot traffic and sales.