I need a virtual data rooms, am i able to use a network drive instead?

Describe the image: system drive, QQ mailbox, or Yahoo Docs are free to file distribution tools. Why should I use a paid virtual data room software? When you use network media to distribute confidential documents, it is important to understand the characteristics of different media. Simply put, different posting tools have a different focus, rather than everyone is suitable for transferring important docs. Among them, the is more suitable for sharing important files, confidential documents, and confidential supplies. The leader of the local company, of course , you do not want important company docs to leak. Among the many file-sharing equipment, a due diligence virtual data room is always better than additional tools for the following reasons:



A due diligence virtual data room is more secure, so this solution is the highly recommended for large banks and even government agencies. The most important function of a dataroom is usually security, and secondly, it is easy to employ. For both parties to the transaction, the security and confidentiality of information are very essential.

Using the dataroom, the administrator can remotely control customer permissions. After the project is sealed, the administrator can remove the customer from the project, and can also slightly lock the downloaded file by simply changing the permission settings. Besides these basic security measures, several provide capabilities such as adding watermarks. Administrators can also add a watermark to a file or even restrict printing.


From the file director to project updates, a electronic help room can offer users to give complete, personalized management services, another file-sharing tool is difficult to accomplish this. A professional will provide each and every client with at least one project coordinator who will help you create and manage an entire virtual data room. These transaction coordinators usually are experienced and available 24 hours a day, together with users can contact them whenever you want.

End performance

A secure virtual data room has more complete functions, communication in between users is more convenient and faster and transactions are smoother. Unlike other file-sharing services, the online help room provides a more user-friendly rights management function. After creating a project, administrators can open diverse permissions for different users. Users can be added or removed with one particular click, permission changes can be in line with the entire project or one of the directories or even on one file. Some of the a lot more complete dataroom-review.com also provide more systematic control, for example , whether users can copy, print, or even restrict screen printing or add a personalized watermark.

Other secure data room advantages

Even if the user for downloading the file to his computer, these kinds of restrictions still exist. As a simple example, user A saves the record on his computer, and when the project is completed, the user is deleted from project by the administrator. From now on, all files uploaded to A will be locked.

Some have a question and answer purpose. Here, buyers and sellers can ask questions immediately and answer them. Besides, facilitators can classify questions and answer several questions, answering questions, you can add links or attach other files as supporting materials when addressing questions. After the project is completed, the administrator can export all the issue and answer records to an Shine spreadsheet.

The secure virtual data room also has an email alert feature. When you upload a new file, all customers will receive a reminder email. If you are concerned that too many reminder emails may annoy users, you can also set up a consistent email every day or week to remind users that the project is updated.

Project reviews allow administrators to view data use in a project at any time: who saved which file, etc . Thus, software program as a web drive, a QQ mailbox, or Google Drive are more suitable for people to share public information or less important information. For a company, a due diligence data room is more secure and reliable.

When managing finances, regardless of direct investment funds, capital raising or hedge funds, the ability to manage funds independently determines their result. The use of a virtual data room software allows companies to deliver transparent demand while maintaining control over info. Blocking important information and restricting consumer access (including downloading, printing, etc . ).

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