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What We Solve

Collect the right data to turn gut feelings into confident decisions

Motionloft measures how people and vehicles move about spaces, empowering real estate owners, developers, and managers to make confident leasing decisions based on traffic volume and behavior.

Track the effectiveness of events and promotions. Understand how those efforts drive traffic to your properties.

Understand customer shopping habits by analyzing path tracking, heat maps, and dwell times.

Capture data as it happens. Quantify total visitors, dominant entrances, and peak times for a single property or a nationwide portfolio.

Use highly accurate data to attract quality tenants. Optimize mix and add confidence to real estate leasing.

Why Motionloft

We turn the physical world into Digital Data

Flexible Solution

Weatherized sensors with wireless data transmission allowing us to gather data without additional infrastructure, making us unique in the marketplace and simple to implement.

Actionable Insights

Our cloud-based dashboard allows you to see your data when and where you need for greater insight from both indoor and outdoor locations. Additionally, access to the API provides the ability to integrate the data with your current systems and tools.

Trusted Technology

Our sensors use computer vision to quantify the difference between vehicle and pedestrian activity. Our Machine Learning technology is powered by the same Nvidia processor used in self-driving cars.

Case Study

kimco real estate

The Sodo Shopping Center in Orlando wanted to attract a new restaurateur to their center. The potential tenant was skeptical of the volume and consistency of foot traffic. Motionloft data revealed a steady flow of foot traffic each day, showing the slow traffic the restaurant owners observed in a single afternoon was an anomaly. With this new data, the real estate leasing team was able prove the value of the space and sign the tenant.

koyoya real estate

Kyo-ya Hotel and Resorts needed to attract top-tier retailers to improve the guest experience and increase leasing rates. By deploying Motionloft sensors at key locations, the Resort was able to measure pedestrian traffic to develop data that helped improve tenant relations and drive higher lease rates as a result.

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