Restaurant Analytics

What We Solve

Collect actionable data on customer behavior to turn gut feelings into confident decisions

We know the challenges facing Quick Service, Fast Casual and Casual Dining restaurants – increasing speed of service, integrating offline behavior with marketing channels, and a consistent customer experience. Operations and Marketing teams require actionable data quantifying customer behavior offline to enhance the customer experience and drive growth.

Understand customer habits by analyzing pass-by and entry counts, wait times, abandonment rates, drive thru speeds, path tracking, and self-service kiosk times.

Make site selection decisions with confidence developing a baseline focused on foot and vehicle traffic.

Increase revenue on existing stores with street-to-restaurant capture rates and physical ad performance.

Anticipate the impact of promotional advertising, weather and events in and around your restaurant.

Why Motionloft

We turn the physical world into Digital Data

Flexible Solution

Weatherized sensors with wireless data transmission allow us to gather Restaurant Analytics data inside and outside without any cabling, servers, or additional infrastructure, making us unique in the marketplace and simple to implement.

Actionable Insights

Our cloud-based dashboard allows you to see your data in real time  for greater insight from both indoor and outdoor locations. Our API lets you seamlessly integrate data with your point-of-sale system and online marketing analytics.

Trusted Technology

Our edge computing sensors use advanced computer vision technology to quantify the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, at scale. They are powered by the same Nvidia processor used in self-driving cars.

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