Respond to customer demands and boost sales with insights into pedestrian and vehicle data trends at your retail, fast casual or quick service restaurant locations.

Boost Retail Sales

Motionloft provides the best in-class data to turn customer behavior into real-time business decisions. We enable retailers to increase capture rate and conversion, drive awareness and deepen engagement in order to turn sales opportunities into revenue. With Motionloft data, you can evaluate marketing campaigns, give insight on high- and low-traffic times, improve employee scheduling, test storefronts, and ultimately improve your store’s performance.

Boost Sales
Improve In-Store Experience
Measure ROI

“Millennials seek transparency and interactive experiences. Motionloft data allows Credo to ensure the appropriate amount of staffing is available in-store so a high level of service is guaranteed.”

Annie Jackson, Chief Operating Officer – Credo Beauty

Make Confident Decisions

Accurate retail data can help guide your decision making and uncover new profitable opportunities for your business. Use the counts and demographics data that we provide to make the best judgement on site selection, evaluate the performance of your existing locations, or renegotiate lease commitments based on shifting traffic patterns.

Enhance Customer Service
Make Confident Decisions
Evaluate Location Performance

Improve Customer Experience

Motionloft provides actionable retail data to help you respond to the needs of your customers. Get access to counts and business hours, wait time and abandonment data to adjust staffing. Learn how long your customers spend at order counters, pick-up windows and kiosks so you can increase speed of service to keep all lines moving.

Enhance Customer Service
Meet Customer Expectations
Improve Customer Retention

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