Site Selection

What We Solve

Collect the right data to turn gut feelings into confident decisions

Motionloft measures how people and vehicles move, empowering retailers to make informed site selection and operational decisions based on traffic volume and customer behavior.

Make urban site selection decisions with confidence developing a baseline focused on foot traffic.


Jump start your locations with insights into operating hours and staffing.

Optimize your build-out cost by selecting locations with the highest probability of success.


Compare with multiple selections and the most suitable location for your business.

Why Motionloft

We turn the physical world into Digital Data

Flexible Solution

Weatherized sensors with wireless data transmission allow us to gather Retail Analytics data without additional infrastructure, making us unique in the marketplace and simple to implement.

Actionable Insights

Our cloud-based dashboard allows you to see your data when and where you need for greater insight from both indoor and outdoor locations. Additionally, access to the API provides the ability to integrate the data with your current systems and tools.

Trusted Technology

Our sensors use computer vision to quantify the difference between vehicle and pedestrian activity. Our Retail Omnichannel Solution is powered by the same Nvidia processor used in self-driving cars.

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