Smart Cities and Business Improvement Districts

What We Solve

Collect the right data to turn gut feelings into confident decisions

Benchmark pedestrian and vehicle traffic counts to optimize city planning and operations. Track results for better accountability and assessment.

Quantify the complex interaction between pedestrians and vehicles creating safer cities.

Use traffic data to quantify traffic calming efforts to improve safety and improve walkability.

Gather trend data to understand how neighborhoods are emerging and use that data to attract retailers.

Understand pedestrian habits by analyzing path tracking, heat maps, and dwell times.

Why Motionloft

We turn the physical world into Digital Data

Flexible Solution

Weatherized sensors with wireless data transmission allow us to gather data without additional infrastructure, making us unique in the marketplace and simple to implement.

Actionable Insights

Our cloud-based dashboard allows you to see your data when and where you need for greater insight from both indoor and outdoor locations. Additionally, access to the API provides the ability to integrate the data with your current systems and tools.

Trusted Technology

Our sensors use computer vision to quantify the difference between vehicle and pedestrian activity. Our Machine Learning technology is powered by the same Nvidia processor used in self-driving cars.

Case Study

City of Las Vegas officials wanted to know how many cars pass through intersections, how long they idle at traffic lights, and where jaywalkers are the biggest problem. The data collected by Motionloft sensors are improving the life of residents and visitors by assisting officials in the positioning of police resources at busy intersections and placing natural barriers in areas where pedestrians are most likely to cross streets illegally.

The New Orleans BID wanted to quantify the amount of traffic along the Canal and Bourbon Street Corridors to attract new retailers. The data collected from the Motionloft sensors helped attract several highly desired retailers to open new locations in the downtown area.

Ready for confident decision making ?