We help business improvement districts and cities use cutting-edge technology to improve quality of life with accurate, real time multimodal data. Unleash the potential of your cities with movement analytics that can help improve economic development, placemaking, public safety, curbside management, and more.

Transform Your City

Now more than ever, it is imperative for cities to gather accurate , pedestrian volume data to modernize the citizen experience. With this data, you can forecast and plan for the growth of your city, and attract more visitors, businesses and investors. Let our data help you attract and retain retail, achieve the best tenant mix, make confident leasing and site selection decisions, and invest in transformative placemaking and events.

Improve Citizen Experience
Forecast Growth
Attract Activity

“I’ve said several times: Data is the new oil, and what Motionloft does is not only drill the oil out of the ground, it refines it and allows us to make unique policy and business decisions based on that refined product.”

Michael Sherwood, Director of Information Technology – City of Las Vegas

Ensure Public Safety

Optimize travel for your citizens with a complete picture of your transportation system. Analyze volume and behavior of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles to determine existing travel patterns and demand, calculate exposure in high collision areas, quantify costs and benefits, and make informed transportation decisions.

Ensure Public Safety
Optimize Travel
Make Informed Decisions

Improve Curbside Management

We provide vehicle and pedestrian data to help you optimize, allocate, and manage curb spaces to maximize mobility and access. We can measure pickups, drop-offs and wait time to help you balance the needs for all roadway users. With the growth of transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft, and online shipping and associated deliveries, the collection of this data has never been more critical.

Collect Curbside Data
Maximize Mobility
Improve Roadway Access

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