We digitize movement in the physical world. We collect and deliver powerful data about the behavior of people indoors and outdoors, concentrating on the processing power of our ViMo™ sensor.

What can we measure?

  • 1. Capture Rate

    We help you understand your walk-in rate, shopper-to-staff ratio, marketing and display effectiveness, and more, so you can measure the success of your retail presence.

  • 3. Demographics

    We drill down further to determine specifics like age and gender so you can get the right data for your target audience.

  • 5. Occupancy

    Understand the ratio of used space to the total amount of space available to forecast the needs of your facility or parking structure.

  • 2. Counts

    With accuracy, we help you measure the number of people, vehicles or bicycles within or passing through an area indoors or outdoors in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 4. Engagement Time

    Benefit from site metrics like dwell time so you can determine where people or vehicles spend the most time.

  • 6. Wait Time

    We deliver customer and vehicle queue performance data to help you improve business processes, staffing and speed of service.

Motionloft is a gamechanger in understanding traffic patterns and helping to pick A+ locations.

Geoff Alexander, President – Wao Bao

Industries we serve

We use our engineering expertise to provide a data solution that supports your long-term growth and sustainability.


Optimize your CRE portfolio and take the guesswork out of leasing decisions and site selections. Make confident decisions that drive growth.


Enhance and improve the fan experience with ease and expertise from powerful, data driven crowd analytics captured in and around your venue.


Maximize your store’s performance and evaluate the potential for additional sales, improve customer service and refine operations.

Smart Cities

Gain a deeper understanding of your city at the visitor and vehicle level for economic development, public safety, funding and more.