Meet ViMo

ViMo, our weatherized sensor provides real-time, accurate and anonymized pedestrian and vehicle data rain or shine. A super sensor with unprecedented capabilities, ViMo connects to the cloud wirelessly by LTE or WLAN without requiring additional infrastructure. We only need a common 110-volt electrical outlet and a mounting location that captures the area of interest in order to be up and running. Motionloft respects data privacy and compliance. Our sensors do not capture nor generate Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Interactive Dashboard

Motionloft takes the physical movement of people and vehicles and turns it into data. Our IoT sensors use edge computing and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software to capture anonymized metadata about objects under observation. Our dashboard presents this unique data in real time, enabling you to make confident decisions and reveal new opportunities that only data can surface.

Data Delivery

Access your data on any computer, tablet or smartphone and easily download reports and files that can be used to determine pedestrian and vehicle counts by hour and day, busiest days by week and month, and many up to the minute specifics on any location’s activity. Retrieve period-over-period comparisons or obtain comparisons for multiple locations at once.

Customer Success

As part of our ongoing commitment to your success, Motionloft has skilled Account Managers assigned to every customer. Account Managers are an excellent resource for data analysis, data integrity, user access and strategic goal setting.